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What is coworking?

Coworking offers a new opportunity in which the self-employed, start-ups, creative people, pupils and students work independently and together at the same time under one roof - in a coworking space. Everyone works on individual projects, but exchange and mutual help are a central component.

It is also characterized by shorter rental contracts (cancellable monthly) and an all-inclusive or full-service character for the tenants, in which not only the fully equipped workplaces but also amenities such as coffee or water flat rates are made available become. In more and more coworking spaces, full-time community managers are also available to provide advice and support. This allows your coworker to focus 100% on their core business.

These two pillars ensure that more and more people are drawn to coworking spaces. According to a forecast by gcuc 5,100,000 people will work in a coworking space worldwide in 2022.

What distinguishes coworking and coworking spaces?

Coworking is characterized by the sharing of office space in coworking spaces by freelancers, freelancer, digital nomads, independent creatives as well as small start-ups and large companies.

Coworking is when a diverse group of people come together to work together in a collaborative environment. All parties share common values such as community, cooperation, sustainability and accessibility as well as openness - the core values of coworking.

That speaks for coworking

  • Coworking offers flexible workspaces

  • No long notice periods or fixed rental contracts

  • Startups in particular use coworking spaces for cost reasons

  • Economical use of resources and therefore financially cheaper

  • Coworking is suitable for people of all ages

  • Diversity of industries: marketing, design, IT, programming, text and PR

  • The complete infrastructure for working is already in place

  • Concentrated knowledge is shared through networking, events and workshops

  • Commonly used areas strengthen the sense of togetherness in the community

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