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Build your business presence fast. Our business address service offers an optimal opportunity to represent your company professionally and to maximize your business opportunities. Decide now on a new business address and use our mail forwarding service as required.


Business address


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For companies looking for a new branch.
Business address & mailbox included!

For companies that have a branch of the company without thewant to relocate the company headquarters.

  • Summonable business address  (no C/O address)

  • Tax registration / entry in the commercial register possible, we can help you find a tax consultant.

  • Mail forwarding, depending on tariff

  • Provision of conference room/meeting room/fully equipped office space, optional

  • High-quality company sign, optional

  • Local phone number, optional

  • Local fax number, optional

Trade tax rate for Uelsen

City / Municipality of Uelsen

Trade tax rate in % (2020) 355

Population (2021) 5,468

Area in km² (2021) 19.5


The municipality of Uelsen offers tradespeople various advantages, such as:

  1. Favorable infrastructure: Uelsen is an economic hub. The low rents and land prices make the region more attractive for tradespeople.

  2. Promotion of economic sectors: Uelsen has a varied economic program that provides for the promotion of economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism, trade and crafts.

  3. Broadband expansion: In recent years, the municipality of Uelsen has invested in broadband expansion in order to improve economic performance and the population's quality of life. You can therefore count on a fast and stable internet connection.

  4. Start-up support: The municipality of Uelsen has an extensive network of support facilities such as the start-up information point, which supports tradespeople in setting up and running their business.

  5. Quality of life: Uelsen offers a high quality of life for the people. A friendly community, modern facilities, a varied landscape and many leisure activities are just some of the advantages that Uelsen has to offer.

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