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business address
in Uelsen


For companies looking for a new branch.

Business address & mailbox included!

For companies that want to open a branch of the company without relocating their headquarters.

  • Summonable business address  (no C/O address)

  • Tax registration / commercial register entry possible

  • Personal mail and parcel acceptance

  • Mail forwarding, once a week

  • Provision of conference room/meeting room

  • High quality company sign

  • Local phone number

  • Local fax number

Trade tax rate for Uelsen

City/municipality of Uelsen

Trade tax rate in % (2020) 355

Population (2021) 5,468

Area in km² (2021) 19.5

You save the costs of renting a permanent office, equipment and ancillary and deposit costs. You are also not tied to any long contract terms. Renting a business address is ideal for founders or young entrepreneurs. You can protect your privacy from customers or business partners with a business address in the imprint.

Further advantages of a business address at VISION Uelsen at a glance:

  • The legal requirements for a business operation are met.

  • Official letters can be sent to a summonsable address.

  • The address for your company can be used for entry in the commercial register and for registering a trade.

  • The address can be given on the tax return for the company.

  • You make no long-term commitments.

  • The address for your company is in a renowned location without having to rent a permanent office.

  • Your privacy is protected by the business address.

  • No high up-front investments such as agent's commission for finding an office or furnishing the offices.

The most important thing about a summonable business address is that it can be reached by post on site.

In other words:

It must be assured that a person can be found on site during business hours.
Documents (business and legal correspondence as well as other documents) must be able to be sent to this address by post. An external mailbox is not sufficient for this.

Unlike a company headquarters, a company / business person can have several business addresses.

The head office is the main address of your company and accordingly the first place that is associated with your business.

Each company has only one (1) registered office. The registered office is the place where your company is located. 
Only a registered office allows your company to be registered for tax purposes.

A letter box address of a company is an address where no business is maintained. This means that although there is a mailbox at the specified place of business, there is no office space or business premises to be found there.

The administration of this letterbox company takes place at a different location.


Who can rent a business address?

Any company (whether GmbH, KG, GbR, OHG, or as a sole proprietor) can rent a business address from VISION Uelsen. In order to rent a business address in a virtual office service, your company definitely needs a registered office in order to be able to obtain a tax number. No trade can be registered or run in Germany without this address that can be summoned. As already described in the previous section, you can have various business addresses at different locations if, for example, you want to run your business on the go or you are not in Germany at all, but would like to earn your living with a business registered in Germany.

Take your first step and book a new location in Uelsen directly.

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How do I book a mailbox in Vision Uelsen

How do I book a mailbox in Vision Uelsen

Hoe book in a mailbox in Vision Uelsen

Jak zarezerwować skrzynkę pocztową w Vision Uelsen


Download our business address flyer and find out more

Use the inspiring space for:


  • Addition or replacement of your office space

  • Access to the meeting room & presentations

  • New environment for your project teams

  • Business Memberships

  • VISION to represent your company

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