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What is collaboration?

IMG_3835 2.HEIC

Everyone for himself was yesterday

Creativity and motivation have no breeding ground in the home office or in a lonely individual office.

And even in a cozy little shared office, at some point you get used to it and stand still.

In the coworking space VISION, a wide variety of people meet, people with the most diverse backgrounds come here not only to work, but also to meet other people, whether by chance or planned, who provide them with contacts, inspire ideas or give feedback. Some come from another city for a few days, many a few times a month, others have been there since opening day in June 2021.

This creates a new mix with new effects every day. And since that doesn't always happen by itself, we help to create a lively community. Curious? Then use our day ticket to get to know our coworkspace and make initial contacts with our community.

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