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Collaboration in your company!

The individual office has been out of fashion for a long time; large companies such as Facebook, Google or Apple exemplify the new trend: collaborative work. Employees no longer sit alone in their offices, but rather work together in a kind of open-plan office and thus benefit from the skills of each other, their own work colleagues, as well as external IT specialists, designers, copywriters and other professional groups.

VISION offers numerous opportunities for new business impulses. Employees work in an inspiring place, in the midst of a diverse network, and have access to an excellent digital and technical infrastructure: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Creativity and innovation are driven by meetings in colourful, inspiring surroundings.

In addition, VISION offers access to corporate events such as networking events and workshops.

High-speed internet, printer use and drinks are of course included. VISION - The innovative office community in Uelsen!

Use the inspiring space for:


  • Addition or replacement of your office space

  • Access to the meeting room & presentations

  • New environment for your project teams

  • Business Memberships

  • VISION to represent your company

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