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For companies that want to open a branch of the company without relocating their headquarters.

  • Summonable business address  (no C/O address)

  • Tax registration / commercial register entry possible

  • Personal mail and parcel acceptance

  • Mail forwarding, once a week

  • Provision of conference room/meeting room

  • High quality company sign

  • Local phone number

  • Local fax number

geadvertising tax rate for Uelsen

City/municipality of Uelsen

Trade tax rate in % (2020) 355

Population (2021) 5,468

Area in km² (2021) 19.5

At VISION, freelancers, the self-employed, companies and students work together at flexible workplaces.

You exchange ideas, expand your network and benefit from each other's strengths.

Individuals and teams come to us who are looking for an alternative to the home office, a distance to their own company or simply an alternative. Our offer applies to daily/weekly/monthly or project-based bookings. 

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